Moving Texas Forward

Dear Fellow Democrat,

Texas has reached a turning point.  Hillary Clinton lost Texas by less than 9%, the best showing by a Democrat since 1996. Across the country Democrats are outperforming 2016 by 15-20 points and have flipped 37 seats from red to blue. Texas has become a battleground.

For the first time in recent memory, we have competitive races for the U.S. Senate, Attorney General, Agricultural Commissioner, at least 8 Congressional races, at least 4 State Senate races, and over 20 House races.

Texas Republicans have wholly failed our state.  For too long they have held the reigns of power, and for too long they have ignored the tasks required of them by the Texas State Constitution. In case they need a reminder, the Texas State Constitution guarantees every Texan:

  1. Equal access to quality primary and secondary education.
  2. Access to an affordable University of the first class.
  3. Access to healthcare infrastructure regardless of where they live.
  4. Access to roads, highways, bridges, electricity, water.
  5. Equal rights for all Texans, regardless of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin.

The Texas Republican political class has restricted a woman’s right to choose, a person of color’s right to vote, an immigrant’s right to feel safe in his or her home, and an impoverished person’s right to affordable and accessible health care. Republicans have proven they are more concerned with curtailing the rights of individuals rather than guaranteeing the rights endowed by the founding fathers of Texas.

We, as Texas Democrats, have an opportunity to stand up to the Texas Republican political class who have turned their backs on the Texas State Constitution in favor of self-serving, ideologically-driven policies. Now is our chance to elect Democrats who believe in our state’s constitution and who will fight for the rights guaranteed to all Texans.

Working together we can make history in 2018. Click on the link below and let us know you are ready to be part of history! By filling out the form below, we can update you on State races and let you know how you can help in your area.

By combining our efforts and all the folks who supported both of our candidates in 2016 we believe we can win big in 2018! You have been resisting for over a year, now it is time to make history!

Chairman, Texans for Hillary

Texas Director for Bernie Sanders

We are committed to electing progressive leaders to the Texas House of Representatives.

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