Born in Fort Worth, and raised in Burleson, Beverly is a proud, lifelong resident of North Texas. She has dedicated her life to creating economic opportunities,promoting investment in North Texas and expanding access to high quality education for our kids.

Beverly’s passion for education began in Burleson where she attended Burleson public schools. Though she didn’t attend college right away, at 39 she would go back to school to complete her degree at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth. As a single mom with a son in college and another who would join her at Texas Wesleyan, Beverly’s path to a college degree wasn’t easy. With the help of Pell Grants and earned scholarships, Beverly put herself through school, graduating cum laude, ready to build a better future for herself and her family. She would later return to Texas Wesleyan and earn her Master of Business Administration.

Beverly’s belief in the power of higher education and her passion for Texas Wesleyan’s commitment to non-traditional students earned her a position on the school’s Board of Trustees. As the immediate past Chair of the Texas Wesleyan Board, Beverly remains committed to creating opportunities for Texans of all ages to further their education and job skills.

Beverly knows that all Texans should have access to a quality education. It was the motivation behind her decision to run for the Burleson Independent School District in 2007, and the reason her colleagues elected her School Board President from 2011-2013. She continues to serve on the Burleson School Board today.

Beverly has 40 years of experience and success in real estate and residential development. She was instrumental in creating investment and job opportunities in Burleson’s historic business district. Her hard work and strategic thinking were essential in the revitalization of businesses and achieving economic growth. Her commitment to cultivating local development and her commitment to the community led the Fort Worth Business Press to name her one of the “Great Women of Texas” in 2014.

Combining her commitment to education, her desire to serve the community, and her own experiences, Beverly has been a leader of the Burleson Opportunity Fund, a program that provides scholarships for local students to attend Hill College. The work done by Beverly and other community partners has resulted in more than $1 million in college scholarships for deserving students. In 2014, Hill College recognized Beverly’s work by awarding her the Pillar of the Community award for her efforts to expand access to higher education.

Beverly and her husband Charles enjoy spending time with their growing family that includes three grown sons, two daughters-in-law and seven beautiful grandchildren, four of whom are school age and attend Texas public school

Beverly and Charles are members of Arborlawn United Methodist Church in Fort Worth. They are active in civic and philanthropic organizations across North Texas including, The American Heart Association, Boy Scouts of America and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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