The Texas Constitution gives rights to every Texan
and the Republican political class is continually stripping you of your rights.

Winning Elections

We are committed to turning Texas blue by flipping seats from conservative extremists to common-sense Texans.

Building the Grassroots

We are committed to the long-term and sustainable development of political activism in our communities.

Promoting Good Ideas

We are committed to the idea that smart public policies should always overcome petty, partisan politics.


While we proudly support every Democratic nominee for every office in Texas, these are the key races that we are focusing on.

Are you ready for the next election?

Our Texas Senate Candidates

Check back after the March 6 Primary Election for more.

Our Texas House Candidates

Click here to see the races we are currently supporting.

A Project of the Texas Victory PAC

We, as Texas Democrats, have an opportunity to stand up to the Texas Republican political class who have turned their backs on the Texas State Constitution in favor of self-serving, ideologically-driven policies. Now is our chance to elect Democrats who believe in our state’s constitution and who will fight for the rights guaranteed to all Texans.

This is a collaborative effort by grassroots activists and leaders from both the Hillary and Bernie 2016 campaigns. Working together we can make history in Texas in 2018!

The Texas Victory Blog


This is a collaborative effort. Share your questions, thoughts, and ideas with the Texas Victory PAC.

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